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About Us

 After working in the automotive industry for more than 10 years, owner Josh Muir felt that there must be a better way than what he had experienced. A way for customers to feel informed of what is going on with their vehicles without questioning if the information is actually true or not. A way for them to feel involved in the repair process.

 At Truth and Grace Automotive, we aim to accomplish this by setting a new standard on how customer interactions take place. We want to walk with you throughout the process, keeping you informed of what your vehicle needs while presenting different options of repairs based on what fits your needs. We believe this process is a journey that is best done by working together and we hope you do too.

Meet the Owner

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Josh Muir has worked in the automotive repair industry since 2010.  He is an ASE certified Master Mechanic and Advanced Level Engine Performance Specialist.  He has experience working on almost all makes and models, preforming repairs as simple as oil changes or as complex as complete engine rebuilds. Josh seeks to always grow his technical knowledge and skill and is not afraid of a challenge. He is a dedicated husband and father of two wonderful children and seeks to contribute to his local community by serving others through Truth and Grace Automotive.

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